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Unistream project (simple)

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Hi all.  I'm looking to purchase a US7-B10-B1 as a test rig initially for learning Unistream (some experience with Visilogic already but want to dive into Unistream).  No need for I/O or anything complex at this point.  While I have done some programming, I'm extremely new to the hardware side of things so this will be painfully "noobish".  That said, on with the mini project...

I want (generally) to have the US7-B10-B1 in some sort minimal enclosure (10x8x4 ish?) with only notches for the HMI, power cord, and ethernet.

Any thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated in regards to the following:

Reasonably priced enclosure manufacture that does the panel cutout to specs?

Any power considerations, as far as needing to include other hardware in the enclosure that may or may not alter the general dimensions that I should look for?

Anything else I might should consider aside from later migrating the test rig to a production unit with a full scale enclosure, I/O expansion, etc?

In the end/restated, I'm looking to protect the unit while being able to view the HMI, and only need to access a power cord and ethernet.


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For what you want I wouldn't be going to too much trouble.  The unit uses about 12W max so I'd find yourself a little enclosure like my pic I found.  Plastic lids are very easy to work with, and if you don't have precise machinery to machine the hole, you can easily do it carefully with a jigsaw. Put some duct tape on where you're cutting to protect the surface that will remain.  For power I'd simply use an external plug pack, and run the lead through a nylon gland on the side of the box.  Same goes for your ethernet connection, use a gland big enough to let you run a standard ready made patch lead through of the right length.  Your location will dictate where you get this stuff, all of it can normally be found at any decent electricians' supplies store, or a hobby electronics type place.


cheers, Aus

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What country are you in?  That can help with an enclosure manufacturer recommendation.

I've made several little trainers using an enclosure similar to what Ausman posted.  You are definitely going to have to cut your own hole - suck it up.  If you don't know how let us know and I'll post pictures of how we do it.

I've found some 24V 0.5A wall-warts on Digikey that work just fine.

Joe T. 


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