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Changing file name in store DTI to File


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Each day we want to start writing data to a new file. Our file name string is updating fine using the rtc to ascii UDFB, but our store DTI to File status turns 1 when the filename is updated with the new date. Then after another full "day" it becomes -35. However if we never change the filename the data recording continues to work fine.

I apologize if this is already explained in another forum but I wasn't able to find one. Thanks for any help your willing to give.

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It ended up being because it didn't like the "/" in the date. Makes complete sense, it worked when I used the format that had "-"s instead. However, I would have thought the error code would have been something much more straightforward, like if there was a number for an invalid character or something. Instead it stayed on 1 for a full cycle then turned to -35.

Also, the help link (the little question mark in the tool box next to Store DTI to File) doesn't work, I had to click on the load DTI button then navigate in the help window to Store DTI, thought I'd mention it in case the bug hasn't been noticed yet.


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