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Hello, I have some problems in getting out analog output from my JZ20-J-UA24. This is a PID controller, which heats, and cools a tank, and I want it to send out during the heat mode a voltage of 5V, and 0V during cooling. I did all the necessary hardware configurations, but I'm not getting any pulse out. Do you think anything is wrong with the code?


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7 hours ago, Sarkis Sarkissian said:

Any help out there Please?

This is mostly a volunteer forum.  You'll have to hold your horses until the sun rises on our part of the world.

It will be much easier to help if you comment your networks with questions and post your program.

Joe T.

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Thank you for posting your program.

13 hours ago, Sarkis Sarkissian said:

but its not outputting the correct voltage in accordance to the bits

When you make a statement like this, you MUST include specific details.  What is the value of "the bits"?  Do you mean the value in MI 22?  If so, what is it?  What is "not the correct voltage"?  What does it do?  What are you expecting?

There are several instances where you're putting more than one logical statement in a net.  Any time you start a rung, start it in a new network.

You had three separate STORE blocks in net 24, which may have compiled in a way you aren't anticipating.   I separated these, but you need to go through your program and separate the others in nets 4 and 20.

I am very curious as to the purpose of net 22.  This is why I asked you to comment your program - we can't read your mind.

You also need to go back and read the Help on the Linear function - you're stuffing the registers MI80..84 but not calling the Linear function to activate with SB 80.  You need to set this bit for every instance of the Linear function you use.

Make some edits and let us know how it works.

Joe T.



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Ok, so basically I'm building a PID controller for a tank, and I want to regulate its temperature at 40 degrees C. I used the heat/cool sample presented by Unitronics. I altered some parts in the code, and at the end through debugging I'm getting the required bits calculated by the process to be ouputed. However, it only outputs 1V during heat mode. Its working quite well during cool mode, but why isnt it outputting anything but 1V during heat mode although it is receiving the correct amount of bits. And I'm sorry I sent you a wrong file previously. Thank you alot for your help!


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