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visilogic proscan read out for last line

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how to read the last text using visilogic proscan seem my existing readout are not able to capture the next line which is the "Ack". As you can see in hyper terminal, the "Ack" capture on the next link however It seem the proscan auto line break after receiving up to 32". Can anyone help?


AT command read out unable to show text on the next line.png

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  • MVP 2023

You have an ETX of 0D+0A, so I'm assuming the modem is putting a CR + LF on the end of the string or this wouldn't work.  Your terminal screen shot seems to agree with this.

The SCAN block looks for the first matching Index on an incoming data stream.  As your Index 0 variable is a Stream type, it will be the one chosen.  Having a second Stream variable does not solve the problem.

The "Ack" on the terminal screen is a new string on a new line.  Are you resetting the SCAN block (reset MB 2403) as soon as you receive any string? 

If MB 2403 is on, the block is locked and you won't receive anything new.  I generally have code that copies the string out of the variable vector as soon as the Session Complete bit comes on, and then I reset the Session Complete bit to cock it for the next string.

You could make an entry at Index 0 that is simply "Ack".  Put your Stream variable at Index 1.  That way, you could check the value of MI 2723 when MB 2403 goes high to see if you got the "Ack" message (MI 2723 = 0) or something else that is not "Ack" (MI 2723 = 1).  If the incoming stream does not match anything in your table then MI 2723 will equal -1.

You might want to post your code.

Joe T.  

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Hi again,

So what should be the correct ETX for my case as this cannot be left blank. For my trying i have removed the OD from the ETX and change the receive command and reset buffer to be in manual trigger mode but i'm still not able to capture the last text. Appreciate if you can resolve my problem. 


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Current program i'm adding the MB1149  to switch over to manual triggering. it was suppose to clear buffer once mb2403 turn on for the original program however joe mentioned that i might be clearing the buffer too fast upon receiving the text so i add this for the testing. So anyone can resolve my issue on the last text? ☹️


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Hi all,

I have resolved the issue and confirm there is nothing wrong with 0D+0A for ETX or clear buffer issue.  Testing the read back using hyper terminal have no issue capturing  the full text from the modem however with the controller some text was missing. I guess is an bug issue from the controller.  Please see screen shot an "ackkk" i send back to the modem using my mobile and in return the controller reply back with text that come with my mobile number.  Case resolved. :lol: 



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