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Data Table transfer to SD card


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Am programing  Unistream  PLC model USP - 070-B10/B08. The program i need to make is User Logs with Data table. With UAC i add needed users also am making Data Table indexed and am writing the logs (log in or out ) into the data table. Also there is a possibility to enter in the HMI the batch number/lot that is later added to the Data Table depending on the user who is logged in at the moment. After that with a button on the hmi i set bit and Store DTI to file block is added. As i can see everything is good and this DTI block does not give me error. After i open the ftp server the SD CARD is empty. I chose in DTI file block to save it as .csv file format. I have no idea what might be happening. The sd card is 16 G card that i format FAT32.

Please Help


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If you wish to investigate why SD card had problem:

- Format your SD card (16 GB).

- Follow next link

and  list parameters of disk and partition.

- Use the same link, process all commands and capture all disk and partition parameters.

- Test SD (16 GB) again. Does this improve performance?

- Format SD card (16 GB) by Panasonic SD card formatter and test again. What is result?


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