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UIS-WCB1...analog value when the input is disconnected


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I am using the module UIS-WCB1; I need to use the two analog input for a 4-20 mA range, with the output value between 0 to 16383 ; at the moment I donpt have the sensors the the inputs are "free"; in this case I have the status of 0x10, that is ok, but also I have a value of 308 in both inputs...exist a way to define, directly, a value when a "problem" is present?..or I have to store the input value in a tag and, checking the value of the status, forse a value in case of faulty?


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Orso,  I think I use something like you are proposing.  In my analogue instances there is always some sort of minor variation going on.  I have code that recognises something sitting at a constant reading for a given time, and if this happens I then initiate a power reset on that sensor circuit.  This came about because I have had occasional instances where a power disturbance has upset sensors somehow and they lock up.  They still output, but nothing is changing and the process is sent completely astray.  It is set as a count system so that if it repeats the reset a few times in succession it throws an error.

cheers, Aus

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