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Searching for old u90 ladder versions,about 2011-2012.year.

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Was away from company near 7.years,have plenty Jazz10,Jazz16,U90,etc.installed and programmed then.Now start first problem with Jazz JZ-11-R16.It not working with any older U90 ladders from Unitronics web-site,I got version 6.01,it show,that this is too old-PLC is programmed with,version 6.01 is 6.02.0001.I can get information from PLC,repair software in PC,but can`t download software.After I get U90 ladders 6.2.0;6.3.0;6.4.0;6.6.0R18,but same thing,get info from PLC,but can`t download,can`t update O/S.Do any have some ideas,or just need to put this JZ10 in bin and change with JZ20???Next week I have work with JZ16-R31 and JZ16-R16,I`m afraid,that there will be same story,I just need adjust there some parameters,but,if I can`t download software it will be tragedy,because these PLCs are same age.

And one more question,if I don`t need ethernet,can I use for JZ20 series programming same adapter,like JZ10/JZ16???

Many thanks for any information!

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Hi Janis,

First up, just make sure that your attempts aren't related to the recent posts about U90 being upset by latest Windows updates.  Have a complete read of this topic:


If that is definitely not your problem, and I don't believe it will be, then members here may be able to help you.  I have many versions myself, but none on a download site.  However,  I would first use the "Looking for other versions?" link in the Previous Versions area of the download pages.  


This will get you directly in contact with support who are likely the best source of what you need.  If that doesn't work out, come back to us.

Edit:  some of my older versions   387, 508, 510, 526, with save dates respectively 10/11/2004, 25/11/2006, 16/2/2007,  29/1/2008  and likely others as well...these found with a quick look.   Maybe these will be too old!

As to your adapter question, I believe so but am not sure.  Others chime in please.

cheers,     Aus.

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