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Cannot find UniStream as a USB device


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I think that the Ethernet Adapter that the PLC is connected to is Ethernet adapter Ethernet 8. Can you config it?

For some reason, windows is not assigning an IP Address to the adapter (I have seen it on different cases, and I don't know why it happens).

The solution is giving a static IP to this adapter.


Open the network settings and select "change adapter options", select Ethernet 8 (You should see that its description is "Unitronics Unistream USB Ethernet...") right lick and select Options.

Then to to the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), and click on properties.

Select "Use the following IP Address", and write:

IP address:

Subnet mask:


Open UniLogic and see if now it is able to find the PLC. (Please update us).


There are few more tests that can be done if it doesn't work, but it requires a remote session.


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I hope no one minds if I resurrect this post.  I am having the same problem. I went ahead and determined which adapter was the Unitronics and set it as Saragani said to do. (see image) and I am still getting no connection to the PLC. This is on a windows 10 64bit PC that was just upgraded to 1.28.26.


What would be the next troubleshooting steps? 

I have added "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\UniLogic\Unitronics.Shell.UI.exe" to the windows firewall to ensure it was not blocking the connection. Is there any other process that needs to be allowed?

To ensure there was no problem with the PLC I did pull out a backup laptop (win7 64bit) that still has 1.25 on it and it detects the PLC over USB or network immediately.

Thank you for your assistance,

Robert Rinehart



Now that I have learned I can still use the older version (1.25.61) I opened it up to check and see if I can see the PLC over USB, and it come sup instantly. So i am not sure what is wrong with ver 1.28.26, but i can not connect to the PLC with it.

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This is weird, because then you run UniLogic 1.25.61, it uses the same "Notifier" that is being installed with the latest installed version, and the Notifier is the one that detects the PLC and passes the information to UniLogic (and the code in UniLogic have not changed as far as I know).

Close UniLogic and then use the Task Manager and kill the Unitronics.Notifier

Run your test again (both 1.28 and 1.25) and tell me if you get different results. If not, and you still unable to see the PLC with UniLogic 1.28 then leave a message to the support in the help desk, and ask for a remote session with me, at 09:00 your time, and I'll try to find the problem.


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