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displaying MI from one plc to another

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There are any number of ways to do this, but they all involve some sort of communications. If the PLCs have Ethernet cards, or you are willing to purchase and install them, then the easiest way would probably be MODBUS IP. I think both of these PLCs have CANbus ports, so you could run CANbus wiring between them and communicate that way. You could also use serial communications.

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Hi Tozo, the magic word is DeviceNet.  "Thick" is also specified.  This link is not promoting the company, just gives you the basics of the spec.  Bear in mind that there are many makers out there...you just need to find a local supplier who has a good brand name equivalent. 

cheers, Aus


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Don't forget you're going to need CANbus cards for the V130s - part number V100-17-CAN.

Here's the cable we use-


You're technically supposed to use "thick" cable for main runs but it's expensive ($4.13 / ft in the US).  Depending on the distance I usually use "thin" ($2.08 / ft) and it works great.  How far are you going?

Joe T.

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😴     Joe never sleeps......he just dozes in his man-cave whilst inhaling cigar smoke.  Mostly the clever, helpful bunny comes out of the cave, but very occasionally the bear emerges.  😊    We all have those days.  🙄

In case you've missed it, here is a lift out of a larger manual.  Have a full read and it will help a lot.  Note the bottom of (internal) page 98......you're going to be very close to able to run it at 500, but 250 is likely going to be better.

cheers, Aus

UniCan lift.pdf

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And on the subject of UniCan....

You can also easily monitor the status of MB's from one PLC to another;
use the "Bit to Num" to encode a block of 16 MB's (MB 100-MB 115)to an MI (MI 100)
compare the number in the Bit to Num MI to the previously stored number
if it has changed, then trigger a UniCAN SEND
then update the Last Bit to Num with a Store

The order of these three nets is important....

On the other PLC (after setting up the UniCAN INIT and PLC Net ID),
All you need is the complementing "Num to Bit" to decode this number back to discreet bits.

You can map whatever you want to the MB's at each end.

Reverse the process with a different block of MB's to send bits back the other way.



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