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I need help creating a counting feature based on 2 high speed counter. 
The program shall count how many meters a fishing net has been pulled out.
I haven't made any program yet, because I'm a little lost.
I am using the Vision V350
I have a swivel with 24 counting points and 2 High Speed Counter to show the number of meters released or retracted. 
Diameter is 1050mm.

I'm not sure how to get the program to know if wire is being pulled in or released?
I think I need to use Float MF to get the most accurate meter number?
Really appreciate all the help I can get.
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The best way to learn is to jump in and try and write as much as you can.  If you show the effort the people in this forum jump in and help any way they can.  If you’re looking for someone to write the program for you; it’s never going to happen.  The people here are great.  Give it a good effort on your own and then you’ll have tons of help.  

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7 hours ago, viscoelastic said:

 If you’re looking for someone to write the program for you; it’s never going to happen.

+1.  But we can help get started.

You need a quadrature signal to determine which way you're going.  If you don't know what this is-


You mentioned you have a swivel with 24 points.  You'll need two signals to feed into the V350's inputs to get what you want.  I've been known to use two photoeyes or two prox sensors mounted offset on the same wheel to generate my own signal. Do you have a mechanical drawing of your swivel and how the sensor will be mounted?

By the way, use an ML to track your counts initially.  There's no such thing as a fractional pulse so a float won't do you any good.

If you've started on a program and have questions then post it here.  There are also example programs under Help->Examples.

Joe T.

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Hi and thanks for the quick response.

Here I upload the program I created before knowing that it should be 2 HSC, and that it should know which way the swivel is going.

the Program, it counts correct, but needs help getting it to subtract meters if it turns the other way.

Joe T.: Sorry but I have no designs on the swivel. Just be told that there is always only one sensor that hits one of the 24 points at a time.


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By setting it to x4 it will count up and down. So depending on how you wire or program it it will lets say count up to 1000 when it reaches end of the line and ans it retracts it will count down. You can then scale total counts =1050mm. Use the Linear Function for this. Math->Linearization->Linearization



Net/wire length:

Min(x1) =0



After you zero Encoder Counts when fully retracted:

Max(y2)= (extend wire counts)



Set X to Zero to Zero Encoder



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