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GPRS GSM communication


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I'm using an enfora 1308 GPRS modem and Vision 280 PLC I am able to connect the PLC to the PC using the GPRS connection through RemoteAccess software from unitronics (The pc is in listening mode) but whenever I try to query the PLC for example get the current system software version I get a " Run-time error 13: Type Mismatch" and the program crashes. I have tried this from Visilogic with the same result. I can confirm this behavior with both Visilogic 8.0.1 and the latest 9.2.0 version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am using an enfora 1308 modem and a V1040 monitor. I have set up the sms option successfully. The sms are received to selective mobile phones successfully.

The problem is that since the alarm condition trigger the sms send command sms are sending to the selective mobile phones continuously until the alarm condition be restored.

Unfortunately I have only remote access to the project.

I know that this is a code problem but if anybody have an idea about this I will appreciated

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