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What are your inputs?

Digital -- NPN/PNP   -- Jumper is Factory set to PNP.

Hi Speed inputs have to be defined in the hardware setup, and MI/ML/DW Assigned.

Analog - these all have to be defined in the Hardware setup -- Type and related MI , and the Jumpers have to be set accordingly - See Installation sheet.

Have you checked the input terminals with a meter?





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PJR, instead of arriving new onto the forum and simply saying "my car won't go, why not?", you need to give specifics and prior troubleshooting results if you want the abundant help available here from mostly volunteers.  Dan has you headed in the right direction.

Is this a new install, or a failure on one that was running ok? 

cheers, Aus.


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6 hours ago, PJR said:

Quite a newby to Unitronics Vision, still getting my head around the basics !!

Which are all in the installation sheets and Help files, easily accessed these days.  Before the "easy" internet us oldies had to figure everything out from printed manuals and help files.

Ring the supplier, have a chat and get sent by mail a big printed thing (or 5 of them), with the entire process taking a week or so and likely costing lots of $s.  Even then it might mean another phone call etc.  Youngies have it so easy these days!

Sometimes I think that the best way these days for newbies on anything is to have no internet access for a week or more, and learn how to do basics through reading supplied manuals, experimenting, and trial and error.  If I'm sounding grumpy then you have to look at it all from my side where many asks on this forum can be labelled PLC 101.  But I also admit that in moments of lack of sleep/high stupids, I occasionally do the same thing!

cheers, Aus

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