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Firmware updating for PLC without screen


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Thank You for answer, but I'm afraid You understood me wrongly.

I mean a software loading like PLC booting with image on SD card or USB flash without using a computer as an initiator of software update. I mean this feature must be useful for screenless controllers working locally.

I suspect I want too much....

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Since the PLC does not have a screen it is a little bit hard to get to uni Apps. Forgive me if I am missing something but I have not been able to find a default IP address that the headless PLC is configured with so I can VNC into it to use the Uni apps? any help on the IP?

I did get the firmware updated without uni apps, but it would be nice to have them from the start with a default config...

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UniLogic  1.26.90  and later 

 Method 1   :   Having  UniLogic on a local computer  and a USB DOK

                                PLC    UniLogic Management     Remote Update    USB  Link to the PLC ( Ethernet if you know the IP of the PLC)

                                    I used my DOK  and started it remotely.    You can also select a  SD Card

                                   BE SURE the USB DOK is   > 4 GB !!


Method 2 :    Setting up a   USB Action File on a DOK     for a   NON LOCAL   UPGRADE  - firmware or  project

                              Help - Search     Actions   - UniStreamPLC(PLC without Built-in  HMI Panel)  

                                                 There is a checkbox for Firmware Upgrade  and Project Upgrade


Recommend testing these with a handy UniStream PLC before deployment.



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