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LCARS HMI, if you are a Star Trek fan

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14 hours ago, viscoelastic said:

Yes, for measuring firmness of foam.  I figured I would spice up the HMI.

OMG.  This is near and dear to my heart.

Behold, the latest iteration of the JTA ILD Tester-


"ILD" stands for Initial Loft Deflection Test and was developed by a customer / manufacturer of nonwoven material (think white fluffy stuff in cushions) and is based on the ASTM IFD test used for foam.  I incorporated a 25/65 test into the program if they want to test foam, too.

This was developed to be a production tester to test samples several times a day.  It's not as accurate as an H-frame tester, but super rugged and a hell of a lot cheaper.  Accurate to 0.1 pound and 1/8 of and inch.  The first iteration used a V120 back in the day.  It's come a long way.

Joe T.


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@Joe Tauser Well I'll be dammed. I did not go into much detail because I figured nobody would know what the thing is. We have ours doing the basic test as you described, and two others after a deflection plate change.  The next iteration for us will be adding a temp probe for the sample and a larger linear actuator. If you need a Lees Disk Tester, I can send you pictures of how I did the heating plates to make life easier for you.

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