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Help with IO-AI4-AO2 input values

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Hi, new to Unitronics, familiar with AB/Rockwell.  I'm sitting on a job site and am looking for any help I can find.  We had a panel that had a hi voltage hit, and we believed it fried one of the IO-AI4-AO2 cards, as all the input values on the LED's are showing out of range.  I replaced this, and same issue, no resolution.  I've checked every input wire to the card - all are ~ 4 mA.  Value to the HMI/PLC is maxed out.  Not sure where to go from here.  My engineer back in factory says just replace the whole damned set up - but that seems like an extreme move, as all the other cards seem to be working fine.  Any chance that card before (same type) or after (AI8) or the flex cables could be contributing to the issue?  I'm lost ...

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This is connected to an EX-A1 expansion module.  The HMI/PLC is a Vision 570

There are 2 other analog modules in the set up.  There is an identical IO-AI4-AO2 module immediately preceding the one that isnt working correctly, and there is an 8 channel analog input card immediately following.  Both of these are working fine.  

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Systematic problem elimination-

The problem may be in your wiring.  I saw that you have 4 mA on each wire but that doesn't mean that there's not something flowing between the channels.  These modules are not isolated.

Disconnect all the inputs and put a jumper between I and COM on each channel.  It will still show out of range but the values  to the PLC should read zero.

Let us know what happens.

Joe T.

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