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Upload PLC retained memory to PC


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I always get the message "Could not apply command" when I try to upload the retained memory.

In this case, we use UniLogic 1.19.83 software. After two years of operation the message "HMI overload" appears. (Too many files in the SD data sample folder?)

What is the best way to upgrade the software? Is it possible to download the current tag values as it was possible with the remote access in the VisiLogic?

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Have you tried creating  a backup of the Retained Memory from the UniApps?

(I remember that there was a problem activating the retained memory upload from the PC in few older versions),


I don't know about the HMI Overload. Maybe the PLC logs might help. If the HMI Overload appears more frequently, then maybe it is related to the files on the SD Card. 

(There is a feature that clears old files from the SD Card, called SD Management. I don't think it exists in 1.19.83). 

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