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I have used Unitronics PLCs networked using both UDP, when networked independently from the customer network and MODBUS IP when connected to the customer network. My networking knowledge is somewhat limited and I now have an application where I would like to use UDP because I will be networking up to 30 PLCs, but do not wish to work through opening and closing ports so many times. This project must reside on the customer's network. Will the PLCs running UDP cause problems for my customer's standard TCP protocol network?

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In general terms UDP traffic should co-exist quite happily with TCP traffic. This is what happens on the internet all the time. WIth TCP the data is acknowledged and re-sent if lost. However with UDP the data is simply sent, with no ack or retransmission. The UDP traffic will most likely suffer first if the network becomes congested, since there is no acknowledgement. This also means that UDP will impose less overhead on the network as it doesn't generate the additional traffic required for acknowledging each packet.

If you need some form of "i'm alive" signal back from the UDP slaves, then you should include this in the logic of your Visilogic projects.

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