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In UniLogic a Line is a static element and its properties are not exposed to the programmer.  You're going to have to work within the limitations of the software - you can achieve what you want by using a Binary Text Variable with no text in it and setting the Height to a very small value, like 2.  You can set the colors in the Text Source collection and you can rotate it to get the orientation you want.

Yes, I realize this is a hack.  UniLogic is not a PC-based SCADA package like Zenon is.

Joe T.  

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Update - the newest release of UniLogic offers a "SHAPE Line" data type which is called from the ladder program.  These functions are in the new "Drawing" menu at the bottom of the Toolbox.  The Help says that these are not yet documented and I don't know how it works yet, but maybe one of the Creators can chime in and give us some direction.

@Cara Bereck Levy - anything on this?

Joe T.

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