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AI8 Module


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We been having issues this modules. Work for sometime. Then all sudden the module fails. Reading from the input starts to jump all over the place. It turns out one the inputs causes it. Removed the input. We have this set up to read from the source. Is there something causing this fail. We have replaced bunch of the AI8. Never have issues with AI4 modules.


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  • MVP 2022

Try shifting the AI4 connections onto the newly installed AI8 ones, and see what happens.  If it turns out the 4s then blow, and the changed around 8s don't, it must be something in that area of the wiring giving rise to conditions that the module doesn't like.

I'd also arrange for the failed 8s to go back to the Creators for them to check out the failure(s).  This might also point you in the right direction, or discover something more fundamental.

cheers, Aus

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