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Coils and contacts invisible

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Hey guys, I recently had to uninstall and reinstall Visilogic because when I had to change an operand value, the window was popped behind the main one and I couldn't do anything.

But that is not the problem anymore. As the title says, the situation is that all of my coils and contacts are cables, I mean instead of seeing the NO contact I see a connection but it has the effect wanted (see screenshot).

Does it happened to anyone and find the way to resolve it ?

Visilogic version : 9.8.80 build 0

OS information Windows 10 Pro

Thanks for your help.



Visilogic trouble.PNG

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  • MVP 2023

Never had this, but have you tried Project/System Descriptions/Restore All System Descriptions?  I don't think it will help in this case but try it first and report back.  It does fix very odd behaviours with operand details not displaying correctly, but might cure this as well.

cheers, Aus

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  • MVP 2023

The magic words full reboot solves a host of issues.  It should be mandatory after any installation, and at least once a week or less.   For me all my puters are turned off when I finish each night.   (How much energy would that save the world if it was compulsory?!!  I  constantly see entire floors of buildings with everything sitting there still on, just to avoid that little delay each morning.)

Don't forget W10 also does the Fast Startup feature by default, which I personally have disabled.  Not many people know about this, it seems....they just like the quick start and think it's their wizzy system!

A link thru quick googling:


cheers, Aus


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