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Two PID loop autotuning - RUN simultaneously?

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We have an oven with two heating zones 45+45kW. The zones are not isolated from each other.

Accordingly, in both zones, we must obtain the same 200 + -3 degrees C temperature.
The project was implemented on the SAMBA PLC which supports two PID loop.
Question: Is it possible to auto-tune both PID at the same time (on Sambа)?

Maybe someone has experience - simultaneous start autotuning two or more PID loop.

I can start both channels separately (but I'm not sure - is it  settings will be correct if one heating channel is used for the entire volume of the oven).

However, the heating time of the oven with two groups of heaters (two channel) is more than 3 hours and the full cooling reaches 24 hours.

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