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Hello everyone

I have a question about temperature of plc. I am using V700 and in tech spec i see the working temperature 0 - 50 degrees of celsium and i can check it by turning on SB14 and the value will be shown in SI14. So here is the question - does it have build-in protection from overheat or undercooling or do i have to organize it by myself? Did not find the answer here, so decided to start new topic. I don't think that i need it for my current system, but still getting some extra information about it might be viable.

Sorry for bad english, it is not my native language

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Hi Pavel,

PLC specification state an external temperature for PLC as a device, not temperature inside PLC.

You have to control temperature inside enclosure, where PLC is installed, either by cooling or heating.

In case you need some advise for your project, you can ask forum community about projects experience and recommendations.

Internal sensor is for limited use.

There is no thermal protection inside PLC, either against overheat or undercool.



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There are vision models with no temp. sensor inside.


I always use a panel mount cooling fan and a DIN rail type thermostat for switching on/off the fan.

Never had problems with this configuration, even during hot summer months in which ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celcius.


Best Regards,


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