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SD card trend load error bit

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I need to save trend on SD card, and logic I'm using is basically a copy from an example project.

But it works in a weird way: 

-when I load screen with my graph, not all elements of the graph are loaded, and "Trend load error" bit is ON

-when I press button to jump to another segment (SB117)  - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it does, all element of the graph are loaded and "Trend load error" bit goes OFF. All subsequent presses work in the same way: it either activates error bit and stays on the same graph segment, or bit goes off and next segment loads successfully;

-SB119 that is supposed to be ON when I save new graph data on a card is OFF when I'm doing so. Despite this, saving works fine and new data is added. This SB119 is ON only when a next segment on a screen is in a process of loading.

I didn't find info on what this "Trend load error" is and how to deal with it, and I suggest that all my problems are related to this error.

Excuse me If this explanation is confusing, but this program works in such a confusing way.

Also, is it possible to load some specific date on "trend from SD" or it will always will load the very first data recorded?

first load of the screen.jpg

after chosing a segment.jpg

graph form SD HMI.png


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