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Hello, there were a lot of topics here on this forum about PID regulation, but i still got some questions about PID:

- i've connected PT100, which i can regulate manually, when i run autotune i have some parameters been written in vector in like 1 second, but then they all overwritten by 0, i do not get "autotune done" bit into 1, my autotune does not turn off and it does nothing when i try to change PV and i do not get any P, I and D parameters; so, do i need like fully completed loop with my actual heater and output CV (PWM) which will control my heater? or there any other way i can test if it works properly?

Running PID server shows me, that i am changing PV and getting higher than SP gives me CV low limit, getting lower than SP gives me CV high limit, but also the problem is that sometimes it changes too fast and it can't read value so it gives 32767 and auto-tune goes wrong.

I'm using v700 with 18E4XB snap, with the simplest ladder logic from .help file, i guess it might work like i need, just want to be sure

If you need - i'll post some screenshots of my PID, but they are not really differ from .help file or examples

edit: also, i've got one more question about PID - can i run couple autotunes at once?


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