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Timer countdown


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I got a contract to install a unitronic PLC recently and i'm loving this hardware, very easy in so many ways, but i got a question that i couldn't find the anwser on older topics.

Since i'm not at the site of the installed PLC, i can't really test the ladder code, so i'm trying to get everything ready to save time there. One thing that i couldn't find is, there is a way to see the timers countdown when the code are running with the PLC? Last time that i was there, i could just see when the timer activate, but couldn't find where i could look it's countdown.

Thanks all and sorry for the english, is not my main language.

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A timer tag has the following members:






The Out bit is what you used for telling if the timer has activated. Preset will give you the value that the timer is starting to count from, and the Current is the time left.

Preset - Current will give you the elapsed time.


You can attach a Timer Box element in the HMI to the timer in order to see Preset, Current or Elapsed

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Open up UniLogic and at the bottom you'll see a tab called "Timers".  When you're online with the unit you can click on one of the timer type tags you've defined and drill into it to see the preset as well as the current value.

If you have a screen open, you'll see something called "Timer" in the toolbox.  You can use the Timer Box object to drop something that will display timer information on the HMI.  What you see is totally configurable from the dropdowns in the object configuration-


I encourage you to make a test project in UniLogic and play around with it.

Joe T.

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