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How Do I Perform a Full Re-install of VisiLogic?

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I had a customer call recently trying to install Visilogic and was greeted with a "Catastrophic Failure" dialog box.  Usually, a Catastrophic Failure means parts are flying out of the machine, something has caught fire, or your transmission in your car decides to delete the "mobile" part of your automobile. 

Windows 10 has brought us the joy of everything having to be done as Administrator.  I've updated the Visilogic Reinstall instructions to include this necessary step.  This is not built into the Visilogic install package, and I have it on good authority that this is difficult to do with the InstallShield version used for Visilogic.

As far as the "Catastrophic Failure" is concerned, it is caused by the older InstallShield running into the Administrator wall.  Fortunately, Support has fairly easy way to fix this.  It is not Catastrophic.  I have attached those instructions as well.

Joe T.


VisiLogic Reinstall Instructions 7.10.20.pdf Visilogic Catastrophic Failure.pdf

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The link works for me using Chrome.  I've had issues with some websites that only work with Microsoft products, so you might want to re-visit the Unitronics website from the Edge browser.  If that doesn't work, contact Unitronics support at support@unitronics.com and they'll email you a copy.

Joe T.

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