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How to connect to JZ10-R16, MFG-Code: M80-P1

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Hey guys,

We have a very old compressor from a turkish company that used this HMI to control it, the problem is that now we want to modify something and I can't figure out the way to connect to the plc. 

There are 10 pins on the communication port and I want to connect with RS232, I am guessing that this is a very old PLC model: JZ10-R16, MFG. CODE: M80-P1

I found a pinout here https://unitronicsplc.com/Download/SoftwareHelp/U90LadderKnowledgebase/Communications/Direct_Communications-_PC_to_PLC.htm but this only describes 6 pins and mine has 10 pins. Where can I find the correct pinout for my model? I also tried looking in the help menu of VisiLogic but could not find it there.

Best Regards,


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I tried to research this port and the original programming adapter for my own needs.
Making your own is probably possible (and I even managed to do it with the USB interface- on foto),


but there are two major problems - there is a 3.3 volt communication port in the PLC that requires a mandatory galvanic isolation that is in the original adapter.

Therefore, I recommend listening to the above.
You should use the standard devices listed in the topic for programming this PLC.

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10 hours ago, Darkbound said:

so it is not possible to connect to the controller without special connector


One way they made the Jazz lower cost was to eliminate the TTL-RS232 converter chip and circuitry.  The target for this product is OEMs, and if you know anything about dealing with that market they value low cost almost above all else.

A JZ10-16 is not that terribly old.  I have a couple in stock.

You don't mention what part of the world you're in, but a JZ-PRG programming port is $47.00 US.

Joe T.

P.S. - @kratmel - you are hardcore indeed.  That looks like a hackulation I would try to build to save a nickel.  The mega heatshrink is a nice touch.  😁

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2 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

....build to save a nickel

Thank you Joe!   :)

2 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

mega heatshrink

is used for isolate board and fit board to Jazz PRG dimention.

You won't believe it, but a broken arduino + chip for correct galvanic isolation works as a programmer or PC232 port.

The main task was to create a CNC machine based on Jazz and the free Arduino GRBL CNC conrtoller based on a stepper motor.

It installed to Jazz like JazzPRG.
It had to perform only two standard movements but with a complex 2D trajectory.

Everything works ...  Jazz 10 replace original old puter and ISA CNC card in it!


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