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jazz, modems and debug

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Hi All,

I'm using a Jazz PLC connected to an Enfora 1308 modem using the MJ20-PRG adapter.

Is there any way to connect the PLC to my PC in order to debug the ladder program, while keeping Jazz connected to the modem (to see what's going on with the modem!)? Maybe something like a "sniffer" to connect 2 MJ20-CB200 cables -one to the PC and the other to the Modem-? would that work?

thanks a lot!



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Sorry, Pedro, but Jas has only one port and cannot support two protocols at the same time.

You can put sniffer and observe the strings passing between the modem and the controller. This is standard way of debug. In this case you can find, for example, where is the problem in modem communication. But you cannot enter in on-line at the same time and debug the program.

You can use Info mode to view status of operands. This is quite helpful in situations like yours!

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Thanks Emil for your prompt reply. I'm using the "I" feature, which helps a lot.

Precisely, I wanted some sort of "debug" because I CAN send SMS from the PLC (Jazz inits the modem OK), but I CANNOT recieve!

I checked the SIM card and it's empty. I connected the Enfora 1308 to the Hyper-terminal in my PC and the Modem do receives SMS. I'm sending exaclty the same words stated on the "sms configuration" menu...but no luck (SB185 and SB186 =0). I guess there is something between the modem and the PLC: the cable?, any special conf under "prepare PLC-side moden" missing?. Any clue?

thanks again!


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Hi Pedro,

Please note - Received SMS must be exactly the same as defined! It's case and space sensitive.

My advice is to define any very simple message first, for example <TEST> (with capital latters) and to check if it's received.

Please observe also the status of SB186,187,188 and SI180.

Please search in Help for SMS and then go to topic SMS System Bits, Integers... for more info.

Another option - load one of example projects, which are checked and need ot work.

Please let me know the result.

post-12-060963800 1283246056_thumb.jpg

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