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checksum rs485 specific protocol


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Hi everyone, i'm new here, i'm working with plc, but i have unitronics usp-104-b10 on my desk up to now.
unilogic version: 1.28.34

  I need to solve crc checkum rs485 specific protocol of one noname thermostat. I tried it through message composer but it failed.
Thermostat works, I tested it with com debug, connection is ok.

Checksum definition:
checksum = (header + command + id1 + id1 + data0 + data1 + data2 + data3) and FF xor 3C

example: # H30 = (# H0B + # H00 + # H01 + # H00 + # H00 + # H00 + # H00 + # H00) & #HFF xor # H3C

  it should look like this: txBuffer = 0B 00 01 00 00 00 00 00 30

do you have any idea how to solve it?
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add the values from first byte to the last byte to the sum.

(1+2) H0b + H00 = H0b

(S+3) H0b + H01 = H0c

(S+4) H0c + H00 = H0c

(S+5) H0c + H00 = H0c

(S+6) H0c + H00 = H0c

(S+7) H0c + H00 = H0c

(S+8) H0c + H00 = H0c

(S+FF) H0c + Hff = H0c          mask off values larger than one byte)

(S xor 3c) H0c xor H3c = H30

The H3c is probably to ensure that the check sum which is the last byte is not zero


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