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Replace damaged Vision V1040

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I have an issue. Please help me!

I want to replace my damaged vision v1040. I could upload current program from old vision. When I downloaded to new vision then started OPLC , many alarms display and the system operation could not start well. 

I think it may be caused by the setting values in old vision could not transfer to new vision. I choose "Download All & Burn". 

If you have any idea or solution, please let me know.

Thank you so much for reading.

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It seems you have some misunderstanding of how your PLC and VisiLogic operates. The program uploaded or downloaded with VisiLogic does not contain operand values. However, there is a facility to do that. Go to Connection/Export PLC Operands (to text or binary file) while connected to the old PLC. After that completes, do the reverse with the new PLC.

You can also do something similar with an SD card, but the PLC program must be set up to allow that.

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You must use Export PLC operand to txt  (or bin) and upload all operand from old PLC battery backed RAM.

Then import it to new PLC.

You also must upload data tables from old panel if it present in project.

Then download it to the new one.



1) Please check all jampers on motherboard and snap in boards befor replace.

2) I do not recommend this for you application, But sometimes i must replace new "motherboard" in new PLC for old one.

This is useful when some hardware + software lock is present in program or upload project is not possible.

If hardware inside PLC is the same and all connector is the same - this solution is useful when display and touch sensor is damaged.

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On 6/13/2022 at 11:11 PM, ElecTech said:

instruction set

In old fashioned speak this is called Help, and you'll find it clearly showing when you open Visilogic .  You'll find an abundance of relevant things you need to know in there.  "Visilogic" I hear you ask?  Wander around


to get a feel for things and also find Visilogic 9.8.65 as a good starting point.  Please note that the program in the PLC may not allow upload.


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