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JAZZ debug mode...bugged?

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Really more of an interesting note than anything else, but when in debug mode all of the on screen buttons for the JAZZ control pad that pop up on a computer screen can either be clicked or punched on the computer keyboard except the return button. I am unsure at this point if it is something special to my program, but the only thing different I have been doing is using the SB82 bit after having read that most wonderful thread on that subject. (lowered my screen numbers by more than 50% because I can do multiple integer entries on one sceen :lol:). Now this is a remarkably small price to pay if it is indeed a side effect of using the SB82 function, but I just figured I would note it so that if the U90 ladder is updated it maight have a chance to be corrected in a normal update process.

The return/enter button on the JAZZ works just fine. It is only the virtual keypad in the computer screen in debug mode. Also, I have seen where when entering a variable with the onscreen debug keypad, the last position in any entry just shows a tilda symbol and not the entered value. The value does get entered correctly it just does not show correctly on the virtual 2 line display .

Thank You


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