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Vision V1040 as tcp master with multiple slaves

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Request for help,

Im struggling with the following problem, i have a master PLC v1040 and 6 slave PLC s also v1040's . From the slaves i want to read  measurement values every  cople of seconds.

im able to read 1 slave but im struggling with the fact that i have only 4 sockets and more than 4 slaves to connect to so i know that i have to connect disconnect continuously .

i use socket 3 to connect the slaves.

Can anyone help me out?

thanks in advance.


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  • MVP 2023

It seems like you understand things well. Based on your question I am assuming you are using MODBUS TCP. If you have only a few seconds available between readings then you will need to use multiple sockets. For simplicity, I would use 3 sockets (leaving the 4th for communication with VisiLogic or a SCADA system, etc. Each socket will be used to connect to two slaves. For each socket, you will need to connect to one slave, exchange data, disconnect from the slave, connect to the second slave, exchange data, disconnect, and repeat. The only trick is to allow plenty of time to connect and disconnect, as it can take some time to complete that function.

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