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V1210 Expansion Error 400

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I have a pannel V1210 with expansion modul EX-A2 connected to IO-AI4-AO2 (1 modul), IO-DI16A3-RO16(3 moduls), IO-RO16(2 moduls). The moduls that i worte are in this consequence. 

All moduls are not more than the maximum requirement, but after couple of minutes of being active a sign pops up saying "expansion error 400" and the CPU goes into stop being in avtive mode. 

The power supply is exactly 24VDC, we replaced couple of different cables connecting the CPU and EX-A2, all connections between the moduls are checked and working, so it is not the connecting cable. All the electrical connection is okay. 

Why does it say "expansion error 400" when we try to make it work? Where could be the problem in the system?

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I went through the same problem. In my case it was the interconnection cable between the EX-A2X module and the V1210. Before replacing the cable, I had to connect the RG pin (13) on the D16A3 card to the 0V pin on the 24V supply. I also recommend installing the analog inputs and outputs module at the end of the rack. Install the D16A3 modules right after the EX-A2X

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