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OPC/UA - Lessons Learned (April 2020)


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I'm working with OPC/UA right now and just to clarify a few things:

1)  The existing help file [September, 2019] mention of the certificate in the PLC [UniApps->Network-> (2nd Page)-> OPCUA] may or may not be present in there.  It depends on the OPC/UA Client program.  

2)  The generation of the OPC/UA certificate appears to be created/generated when the PLC is first powered up.   In order to get the OPC/UA Client to connect I had to download the program and then reset/reboot the PLC.  

3)  If you plan to implement OPC/UA do yourself a favor and wrap all of your tags into one or more Structs.   You can add Structs to the OPC/UA Address Space.  Otherwise you have to add the tags one at a time.   For my existing project that means adding 168 tags by hand.  And of course I find it necessary to have the OPC tag name match that of the 'source' tag exactly.  That means at least 600 actions to add them.  [I batch process similar to that of the MODBUS configuration would come in handy.  Hint Hint !!!].

If anyone has any additional tips/tricks/faqs please add them.   

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