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For example, to place standard text on the screen. In English we would use the Text object and type the text.

For your language, use Windows Paint (for example) and type the text in there. Then save as a graphic file.

Go into Visilogic and use the Bitmap object to put the image of the text into the HMI.

I am no expert with this, but does your Tamil language require only one keystroke per character? If yes, have you tried installing a Tamil font into the PLC font handler? It would be worth checking whether or not you can in fact type the text directly if a suitable font is installed.

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On 3/19/2013 at 8:05 AM, Cara Bereck Levy said:

Hi Jerin,

I wanted you to know that the recently-released VisiLogic 9.50 has an easier method for implementing Asian languages:



Perhaps it's because this thread is 6 years old, but your link doesn't provide any useful info on implementing Asian languages.  Could you elaborate or provide a link to the current documentation?  I need to implement 3 asian languages in one software version and I don't relish the idea of creating 3x150 bitmaps.  Thanks.

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Wow-- @kpark, apologies. We are in the fall holiday cycle here, complete with a weekend bridge...I  haven't been in the office since Wednesday...
Please note that in addition to what  @Ausman suggested (thanks Aus!), note that you can always:

We are headquartered in Israel, but we also have offices and a support staff in the US; since support staff is located in countries with different time zones and different holiday calendars we  do cover most days of the year.

The answer to your question is in the VisiLogic Help file - simply search for Asian, or CJK. I hope you already resolved your issue--again, apologies!

cjk visilogic.png

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Thanks @Cara Bereck Levy, but all I get are ????? when I paste my Japanese text into the Text Image.    Pasting from an Excel file.  I can past non double byte characters fine.  Even if I install a Japanese font and select it as my font in the Text Image, it just repeats a single character as many times as there are characters in the original translation that I'm copying from my Excel spreadsheet.  I suspect the character that is repeating is the equivalent of the English '?' in Japanese but I'm not sure.  If I type in the Text Image with the Japanese font selected, it does translatet to Japan, but that's no good.  I already have Japanese translations for 204 different English messages and simply want to copy/paste them into a Text Image.  Not your fault, but very frustrating.


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I'm working with kpark on this issue and I'm seeing the same thing.  We get question marks when we paste the japanese (as well as other languages) into text images.  I think it's because the language we are using doesn't have the japanese characters that we need.

For instance, here is the Japanese language I imported.


And here is that font in the windows character map.


But here are some of the phrases I need to import.




Those characters aren't in the font, and that's probably why the question marks show up.


Do you know of a font that has the full range of japanese characters?  Seems like that might be the only problem.  The phrases display fine in windows programs, but I just don't know what font to use in VisiLogic.  And we'll be using other languages like Chinese and Korean.

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