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Issue with graphics showing up in remote operator

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I seem to be having problems viewing one of my screens using Remote Operator, as well as remote access. I don't have any compilation errors, but it seems to have something to do with my "range of images" variable. Everything works great on the PLC just not remotely. I built a similar machine about a year ago with out issue, Ive compared the code and I don't see where I'm missing it? Ive tried different images out of the images library with the same results. Also when the variable changes color on the PLC screen, there is no change remotely. I'm a noob at this so hopefully its something obvious.

Below is a screenshot



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It sounds like you need to create an image cache file. This can either be created from Visilogic or from the PLC.

If you create from Visilogic, save the file to disk then import it into Remote Operator.

If you create it directly in Remote Operator, it retireves the images back from the PLC and creates the file itself. This can be slow if you have a slow connection and/or lots of kB (or MB) of images.

Hope that helps.

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