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Visilogic 9.8.90 requires new "PID A.Tune Config" block

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We have about 50 Vison PLCs currently in operation in many projects. A few weeks ago we started to switch from Visilogic 9.8.64 to 9.8.90. We noticed that the PID functions were not working anymore. After a long time of troubleshooting we realized that we had to delete all "PID A.TUNE Config" blocks and rebuild them again. Is this a known problem? Is there another possibility to fix this?

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Hi Andreas,

1. Why do you switch to newest VisiLogic? Do you have any problems wit current VisiLogic version?

2. There are a new modified PID Autotune set of FBs for PID.

When changing to newest VisiLogic, you have to replace all PID FBs to a new ones.

Keep backup copy of your projects for previous version of VisiLogic.



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Hi Alex,

Thank you very much for this info. We are planning to use Unitronc's VFD motion controls in the near future. With the previous software updates we have made the experience to better use the same version on all systems. Hence the upgrades. I think it would be useful to add the information about the changes in the PID function to the list of version changes.

Best regards

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