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Fatal Error Is the unit PooPoo'd

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First I got the lovely scarlet colored screen below. I reloaded the OS and everything came back up... YES, I fixed it... Wrong... now it gave me the even more lovely carbon black screen seen below. I reloaded again and the thing only works for about an hour then the party starts again. Should I just assume the unit crapped the bed, or is there something else I should look for?




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Before you chuck it, unscrew it all, pull it apart as much as possible and reassemble.  It could simply be a dud connection, perhaps due to all that crap that comes off your testbench.   Spilt coffee, bread/cake crumbs, humidity, blood sweat and tears, blah blah.  The internals often have pcb pins engaging into other pcbs, and these possibly need the connection made "better" by disturbance.

cheers, Aus

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If there is a problem of this kind - of course the PLC can be blown up or even given to students to learn how to solder chips.
You cannot use it for something important - such as an industrial machine.
However, I would put it on the shelf as a donor with a touchscreen and a working LCD screen.
And after a while you will be pleasantly surprised by the ability to quickly solve the problem of accidentally broken glass or broken lighting in the panel.

I already have quite a lot of absolutely working PLCs with broken screens or a damaged case.

Therefore, you need to destroy the PLC only when you know for sure that it is not Unitronics!  😜

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