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Hi all, I'm pinning this.

We constantly have people with issues because they have updated their plc to the latest O/S and Visilogic version.  They then discover that things don't work as they did previously.  "Huh?   It worked ok before".

The problem seems to be that users are terribly ingrained into "You must have the latest software", which is flogged all the time, particularly by the App situation.  It also seems to be an innate part of younger people's nature because as soon as a new version comes out they rush to download it.  "Ohhh goody.  I've got the "new" one!  I must have it...I'm bored with that old fuddy duddy version that is a whole 2 months old".

In Unitronics land, if you have a working PLC humming along nicely, DON'T fiddle with it!  I'll put it another way..."If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  Have I drummed that into your head yet?        🤕 🔨   Hmmmm?  In yet?  Got it?   I've copied part of an answer from Flex on this, that says it all concisely. 

I remind everyone that unless there is a necessary & known reason to do so, do NOT routinely update the software and firmware on a working PLC. There is usually never a reason to do this, even when making an update to the software. Use the version of VisiLogic that the program was originally written in to perform any updates. Unitronics makes this fairly easy with Version Swapper.

Even when creating a new program, if there are other PLCs in service, I will continue to use the version that is on the other PLCs to keep things consistent.

Version Swapper is the facility that lets you change between Visilogic versions very easily, and is referenced in pinned items.

Clarifying what Flex says, IF you are doing work for a business that doesn't have any Unitronics stuff on site, then by all means use the latest version of everything.  But when you are called back to do more work and put in more systems, use the SAME version and O/S throughout.  ONLY change things if it is absolutely necessary due to some new feature arising that will make an operation much simpler, and then do it to everything and be ready to iron out any hiccouphs that may arise.

Some may see this as an issue, but if you take a step back and view it as a whole, the idea of continuing to use something that works perfectly is actually very sensible.  Kudos to Unitronics for making this fairly easy to do.

It is good practice to have the O/S and Visi version within your project allowing easy reference.  Edit...I actually do this into the last 4 MFs available, which covers my project number, Visi version, O/S and anything else I need to know.

cheers, Aus


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14 hours ago, Ausman said:

I actually do this into the last 4 MFs available, which covers my project number, Visi version, O/S and anything else I need to know.

Great minds think alike, though I do it in DWs. I also place the info in an unobtrusive place on the HMI screen.

Good thought on the pinned post. 👍

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