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Store to DTI -8 Status error, no documentation

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Hey guys,

I'm using a US7-B5-TR22 and I'm struggling with this error that I can't resolve using the Store DTI to file element.

My goal is basically to convert my DTI to a .csv file to finally populate a Combo Box. What happens is that I have always the same -8 status which is not documented so I can't know what is really wrong in my program. 

My E parameter is set to "0" and I tried the F parameter with "0", "1" and "2" none of them are making a change on the issue (In my case I should be using or "1" or "2"). When I use the F = "1",  it creates me the .udtf files, but the .csv and .csv.zip are not created.


Is aynone has an idea on what is happening or has been through the same status error ?


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hey @Swervomotor thanks for your answer.

Yeah in the help file they specify that the name should be without path and I also suppose extensions.

So as required my filename is as simple as it can. (Having an extesnsion or a path in the name should introduce another error code I think)


I don't think that this status code error comes from the filename entry...


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louis, I deleted all the repeated copies of the above post that you had done. 

You were likely thinking "Why didn't it come up?"  Well......all posts on this forum are subject to moderation.  This is mainly done by a few volunteers scattered around the globe, so sometimes it can take a few hours at least.

cheers, Aus

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