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Anyone want to attempt to interpret this warning alarm?

"Inserting rows to an 'Indexed Data Table' when the insert index in a small number can increase scan time and cause a CPU Watchdog."

Is there a typo in the message? This warning didn't exist in an earlier version of UniLogic and I'm not sure what to do about it.

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As i see in help - WatchDog timer duration = 500 milliseconds.

If in project present long DTI with row  from 0 to N (i do not know what number N  is long???)  insert row to 1, 2, 3.... (small number) row make a lot of shift row operation... to N+1

If this operation is to long in time (program "stopped" in point  "insert row" ) WatchDog is activated.

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I'm having trouble understanding how this could be a problem. This error message is new (didn't exist in previous versions of UniLogic) and is very annoying. A compile warning should not be generated for every single instance of a standard function block used in a normal way. This type of warning belongs in the Help file, not on compile.

@Cara Bereck Levy, can you take a look at this? Feel free to PM me if you want more details.

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Hi Flex727,

usually I also use "insert" and "remove" row in the DTI...and this "warning" is present, I think, from version 1.25.xx...also a warning when you use the "indirect modbus ID or Group ID" function was added...to remember that the FB has not to be the first element in the ladder but a small delay or a "enabling contact" is needed.

However ...as I wrote...I usually use "insert" and "remove" command for table about 200-300 rows and I didn't have problem.

As Kratmel wrote this can be a problem (watchdog) when the DTI include thousands of rows and you have to insert/remove row 0,1,2...

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Is it possible that present this  issue from help?

----Be aware that:

A Data Table and the Struct it is linked to cannot have identical names.

If the names are identical, you will not be able to link the struct members to the parameters of Data Table ladder functions.---

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