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ModbusTCP/VisiLogic communication on the same port

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Is it OK to switch between Modbus TCP and communication with VisiLogic on the same Socket.
Code how I do it in attached project.
I tested it and it worked, but then after a day I had a problem that communication with barcode readers was not working.
Basically what I do when I change between Modbus TCP/VisiLogisc, I run all communication initialization - TCP/IP CARD INIT, SOCKET INIT, Modbus IP CONFIG.
What I have found out that when I change from Modbus to VisiLogic, while Socket reinitializes to another port ( I use 20256 for VisiLogic and 20257 for Modbus), protocol
stays Modbus (I can see this in info view). So when changing to VisiLogic i do PLC restart with SB300 and then initilalization.

Any comments on  that ? Have you done something similar ?


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As far as I can tell, you cannot change the configuration (as opposed to the protocol) of a socket without a configuration FB. It seems that the socket initialization (or card initialization) should reset the configuration, but it doesn't except by PLC reset. Since there is no PCOM configuration FB that I am aware of, it seems that a PLC reset is your only option. You might want to contact Unitronics support to confirm this, and if confirmed, request they add the feature on a future update to VisiLogic.

I'd like to find out that I'm wrong about this as I think it's an oversight by Unitronics.

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I'm surprised this does anything.  You're not calling your subroutine from the Main.  It is also a very good idea to keep most of your inits in the Main routine.

What you're doing should work- I have initialized sockets on the fly in a similar fashion.  I believe you that Modbus IP takes over and won't let go.

I would break the init logic into smaller networks, as you really don't need to keep re-banging sockets three and four.

I would also assign separate Function in Progress bits to all your Modbus IP config blocks - I think they may be stepping on each other.

I've poked on your program a bit and attached it.  Let us know if I've led you down the wrong path.

Or you could dial up to a V700 and you get 8 sockets.

Joe T.

2x_Modbus JT.vlp

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11 hours ago, Joe Tauser said:

I believe you that Modbus IP takes over and won't let go.

Before I wrote my comment I re-created his routine with just one socket and tried everything I could to get the MODBUS configuration to let go without a PLC reset. Nothing worked. I was very surprised. I also took a look at the System Integers that denote socket configuration, but they are all read-only. I'm thinking Unitronics needs to address this if possible.

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