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Implementing PI and PD controls

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How can PI only or PD only control strategies be implemented instead of the complete PID algo? The Pause.I&DC function could simultaneously turn off both I&D components but not individually. If setting large values on the I&D operands would be the solution, what would these numbers be?

Also, is it possible to have the Auto tune function to compute for PI only or PD only controls?

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When you set Ti = 0, you disable I control. When you set Td = 0, you disable D control. This way you can decide which type fo control you want to perfomr - P only, PI, PD or full PID.

As stated in the name of te function - "Pause Integral function" - it pauses the acumulating integral error. If, in some moment you want to "freese" the output ot some value and then to recover, you need to store CV to the output register.In case of "pause", you just will stop storing. If you want to recover the functionality bumpless from this value, please use "reverse ingeneering" to calculate back CV with the new input parameters. You can review the example Bumpless control to see how to do that.

Autotune calculates the best PID parameters for this system. If you want for some reason to perform P, PI or PD control only, you will need ot set these parameters manually.

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