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V430 images, takes to long to download

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Hi all, I have VisiLogic v9.3 on win10 OS.

It works good in general.

When doing  plc OS update also goes ok.

But when downloading images it takes too long...why? Is there another way to download images.

I use only two images from library but download is very very slow...

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How are you downloading (serial, ethernet, etc)? And what speed is the download? When you say "very slow", how long is it?

Normally, you only have to download the images once. If you're seeing the images download multiple times even when you have not changed anything on the screen, try downloading a BLANK project, perform a RESET & INITIALIZE, then download your project.

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Maybe my experience will be useful to you.
I created a control display for the extruder.
Using standard graphics, I drew the desired interface and added controls. However, when I started loading it all into the V1040 it took quite a while.
Accordingly, the speed of the interface was very low - while the panel redrawn all the graphics elements when changing windows - the user saw how it does it.

Then I did the following:
1) deleted all controls (copied to another window);
2) exported the HMI display (drawn graphics) as a BMP file to HDD (use standard Visilogic Export Display to BMP file  button);
3) removed all graphic elements from the dispay;
3) cut the frame in the exported BMP image (using Paint) so that only the desired image remains;
4) pasted the processed image into the Display and copied the controls to where they should be.

As a result, loading a window into memory takes much less time and the reload of this a HMI screen has become much faster.

Therefore, the question to the Creators of Visilogic - is it possible to implement export Display to BMP file without a black frame?

... it greatly simplifies the creation of the correct and fast interface according to the algorithm I described.

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