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Loading a project onto the plc from command line in linux


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For a teaching project we want to be able to copy and start a project from a single board computer onto a plc over ethernet and are looking into the best options.

I think unidownloader basically does what I need but I need to automate it and preferably make it run under linux possibly on ARM. 


I've identified two possible solutions. 

1) Unidownloader seems to work fine under wine, possibly with exagear I can make it work on an arm platform.

2) Another option is going from the .NET library, make it work on mono and work from there 


But before I sink a lot of time into this, I have some questions:


1) Is there any other obvious solution I'm missing. Remotely loading a different project sounds like it should be a solved problem, am I looking in the wrong direction ?

2) Does unidownloader or a tool with similar functionality work from the command line ?


I'd be grateful for any suggestions you can provide.



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