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V350 USB Com Port bad. Can you program via SDMicro?

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Yes, first make sure the SD card is properly formatted using Unitronics SD Card Suite.

In VisiLogic go to Project / Create Project Files... select VisiLogic Project only (that's the default), then copy the resulting file to the folder on the SD card called USER_APP. Then go into INFO Mode to download the project to the PLC.

You didn't mention which model PLC you are using - I'm not 100% sure this works on every model PLC.

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15 minutes ago, gijoevaldez said:

How do you get into INFO mode?

This is a good opportunity for you to check out the Help in Visilogic.  The forum is mostly staffed by volunteers who are very helpful but also expect users to do a bit of digging on their own before they throw questions out there.

Joe T.

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Thanks for the comment and your eagerness to berate someone who tells you to use your own initiative and FIND OUT ABOUT SOMETHING SIMPLE FOR YOURSELF. 

Do you own a car?  Did you read the manual to learn how to operate some things in it?  Or did you ask a forum how to put fuel in the tank?  Hmmmmmm.


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