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Good afternoon!

I am using the PLC V350-35-B1 and had the following problem:

When trying to "Download" a program to the PLC, the software returned a message informing about the need to update the equipment's O / S. I followed all the steps described and downloaded the files from the Unitronics website to my PC and then transferred them to the V350. In the middle of the operation there was a communication error and now the module does not start anymore, even the screen is black. There is still communication, because I can read the O / S version.

I turned the device off and on again by touching the screen and then double-tapping, however, every time the "Binary Library" file is being transferred, the unknown error occurs again.

How could I restore the factory settings?

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  • MVP 2023

On top of Flex's suggestion, did you install Visilogic using right click/run as Administrator?  Also have the visilogic.exe in Program Files (x86)  Unitronics  UnitronicsVisilogic_C  Main  set to run as admin in compatibility settings?

If you have done this and still have the issue, how are you connecting to the 350?  If using a USB to serial adapter, some of the cheap no-name types don't work properly.

cheers, Aus

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