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Data Table as Function In


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hi Daniel_EWW,

i think that the "problem" is that the DT_Index as FunctionIn variable is not able to define the type/lenght of sructure that it is referring (seems somthing like late binding)...then is not able to let you select the right local or global structure variable to store the "value".

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A data Table is an array of structs in that matter.

The only way, currently, to work with a Data Table that is passed to a function is the function is a C function, and then work with pointers in order to read and write data from that table.

It is not a nice code, and I know someone from another department in our company that did that. And there is also a limitation. The C function knows the type of the struct that is used in the data table. It is not like you can define a generic function that can work with any data table structure.... It just let you pass the Data Table as a reference (so if you have 2 tables of the same struct, then you can pass a different table each time).


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