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Ethernet connection "Favorites" not saved with project???


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7 hours ago, Saragani said:

The favorites are part of the computer (not specific to a project), so if you open a different project, then you have the same PLCs appear in your favorites.

This is terrible in my opinion. Connection settings are project specific and need to be saved with the project.

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Hmmmm.....in Visi, ALL my favourites are saved in the evb file.  Hence my solution to the "security" issue here, which is also in the "not quite pinned" list:


It would be nice if only the relevant details were saved on each project.  After all, if you've got it open, you probably want to use it!  I don't use the key of my car to just hop in and sit there making vroom vroom noises.  Well......sometimes I do.  🏎️

cheers, Aus

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