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Timer initialization

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Hey guys,

I'm currently using a US7-B5-TR22 and I made a little washing program for some piping.

The idea is to open the valve and wash the first pipe during a certain amount of time and when it's over, we start to wash the second one, until we wash all the lines and stop the system.

My times are set before and so when the phase starts, it should start the timer at the preset value which is stored into the current value. Everything works well, except at the beggining of then program, the first pipes which has a timer of 00:04:32:000 always starts with a different value and the foolowing ones starts with the good value.

I can't understand why it doesn't work because the logic is the same.

If you need some more explanation just tell me.

Thanks in advance for your help 


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Or change your thinking and use a count of your own making.  Cascading timers can work, but can also be an endless source of problems.  The beauty of counts is that you can manipulate things much easier on complex progressions.   "Hmmmm....run that process.....from here to there".

Timers do make part of this sort of thing easier, but if your timer initiation/ending goes astray you can easily get headaches.  To get around the issue of using counts, you can do "invisible to the user" maths to make the count adjustments automatically allow for any changes in the total progression.

cheers, Aus

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